June 30, 2005    Tour Rome

The plane is scheduled to arrive at 9:50AM.  It will take some time to go through customs and then check-in to the hotel.   The airport is a ways outside the city, but there are very fast trains that take you into town.  The train is covered by the eurail pass, but only if you have first class passage. We have a hotel booked very close to the colosseo.   After checking in we should do some touring, since we want to stay awake!

FORO ROMANO, COLONNA TRAINAN, Via di Fori, Piazza Venezia.  There is a lot to see in Rome and with my extended visit I am sure I can figure out enough to keep us all busy!  I know I will likely get very tired and have trouble staying awake, so it will be best to just see how tired everyone seems.

July 1, 2005   Rome

Museo Vaticano and Vatican City would be a good first stop, before it gets too crowded.  Here you go through an enormous museum to see the Sistine Chapel at the end.  It was nothing like I had imagined it.  The chapel feels more like a church than the cathedral I had imagined.  We can also the the Agelano Fortress, which I missed on my trip.  The Pantheon doesn't take too long and is near the Piaza Novano which has wonderful restaurant for lunch.